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Bi+ Poetry anthology with fourteen poems - 'On your birthday'

To be published late 2023

New Writing Scotland 41 - 'Across from me, my mam' and 'Nini Khomkhomu'

Published August 2023; order here.

Poetry Wales 58.3 - 'Zaban'

Published March 2023; order here.

Brum Radio, January 2023

Participated in Brum Radio's Brum Radio Poets with Rick Sanders, alongside Tim Tim Cheng and Verve Poetry Press's Stuart Bartholomew. Read poems and discussed poetry.

Loud Poets, Dec 2022 - 'Ode to Sinners'

Filmed performance of my poem 'Ode to Sinners, 63 Newgate Street' at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on 16 December 2022. Accompanied by Jack Hinks music.

Poetry Wales 58.2 - 'Translating بابا'

Winter 2022; order here

Our Time is a Garden - 'Cetacean stranding'

An anthology of new nature writing by women and non-binary people of colour; The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, The University of Edinburgh

Rugby League World Cup commission - Power of Poetry, Pinwheel

A filmed performance of a poem written as part of the Rugby League World Cup's cultural festival strand, alongside poet Lauren Vevers (Oct 2022)

Loud Poets performance - 'Exfoliation'

A filmed performance during the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe show Loud Poets: Best of Fringe

Scottish Book Trust showcase

A filmed performance of my poem 'A Resurrection in north-west Iran' for the Scottish Book Trust's annual New Writers Award ceremony. 

Arachne Press anthology - 'Yalda 1400'

Part of the anthology Where We Find Ourselves, published October 2021. Buy here

Responders of Colour annual 2022

A physical annual produced through the Responders of Colour Project, run by Nadine Aisha Jassat and Glasgow Womens Library

Scottish BPOC Writers Network Audio Anthology 2021 - 'we are nine and playing princesses'

You can listen to my contribution to this audio anthology here.

Ripples of Hope festival - 'As we depart my fatherland'

Part of a group of Writing Squad writers who were led in workshops by Jay Bernard to produce work for Manchester's Ripples of Hope festival (Sept 2021) and respond to Article 28 of the Declaration of Human Rights. Info on project can be found here, and my poem can be read here.

The Dark Horse Magazine - 'Vignettes of Acceptance'

Issue 43, Summer 2021. 

Gutter Magazine - 'Before the crossing'

Issue 23, February 2021. Purchase here

Modern Poetry in Translation - 'An SUV Drives Through the Capital'

A translation of Parvin Etesami. Autumn 2020, Purchase here

Scottish BPOC Writers Network Audio Anthology 2020 - 'Post-match'

You can listen to my contribution to this audio anthology here.

Books from Scotland - Introducing Nasim Rebecca Asl

Read four of my poems here

Fringe of Colour Films - 'Nemidoonam'

I performed my poem 'Nemidoonam' as part of the series 'Sorry I was on Mute', curated by Hannah Lavery, for the inaugural 2020 Fringe of Colour Films

Tapsalteerie Press anthology - Ceremony

Two poems of mine - 'A Resurrection in North-West Iran' and 'Exfoliation' feature in this anthology of work from the Scottish BPOC Writers Network (2019). Purchase here

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